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The AI trust gap

From Workday Rising EMEA, Workday’s vice president, AI & ML Kathy Pham provides insights on how organisations can close the AI trust gap between business leaders and their employees.

An event like no other

Learn more about what responsible AI and what happened at Workday Rising EMEA, below, with the daily video highlights from three fantastic days.

Dr. Chamorro-Premuzic at Workday Rising EMEA

Day 1 – Video highlights

Whether you were in Barcelona with us or joined our livestream online, we had a great time during the first day of Workday Rising EMEA.

Check out the opening day highlights in the first episode of Workday Rising EMEA Daily, including:

  • Dr. Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic on what it means to be human in the age of AI.
  • Jeff Gelfuso gives a sneak preview of the Innovation Keynote.
  • We find out what’s happening over the course of the week from a Finance, HR and IT perspective.
Audience during EMEA Rising Keynote

Day 2 – Video highlights

From the heart of Barcelona, day two of Workday Rising EMEA was truly electric.

Check out the day two highlights in the second episode of Workday Rising EMEA Daily, including:

  • Jim Stratton, SVP, Chief Technology Officer focused on the importance of AI and how Workday is leading the way.
  • Chandler Morse discusses the importance of responsible AI and what this means for business leaders.
  • Last, but not least, BVB footballing legend Patrick Owomoyela inspired us with insights on teamwork and leadership.
Rising EMEA Selfie Customers

Day 3 – Video highlights

Workday Rising EMEA closes its doors and it’s time to say goodbye to Barcelona.

Check out the day three highlights in the final episode of Workday Rising EMEA Daily, including:

  • The winners of the first ever Workday Customer Awards.
  • Workday customers Kainos, Mondelez, and Staffbase give insights on their Leader Forum sessions.
  • Spanish Workday customer Parques Reunidos detail their pioneering approach to sustainability and how it is helping to transform the leisure industry.
  • The team at Generation Spain tell us what the business leaders of tomorrow think about the future of work.


Leadership perspectives on AI and trust

Speaking from Workday Rising EMEA in Barcelona, Chandler Morse, vice president, corporate affairs at Workday discusses the importance of AI policy and regulation in responsible AI.

Expanding our advisory board.

We’re bringing in more perspectives from different disciplines and areas of expertise.

Increasing investment.

We continue to explore ongoing responsible AI training and opportunities for collaboration with customers, partners, and legislators.

Partnering with our customers.

We are continuously working with customers to find more opportunities to enable their responsible deployment of AI.

Building the future of work with AI and machine learning

Building the future of work with AI and machine learning.

At Workday, we’re putting AI and machine learning (ML) to work in powerful, human-centric ways – so you can innovate today and lead tomorrow.

The Future of HR

As 2024 looms, and change the only constant, we speak to HR leaders on their challenges, opportunities and what the CHRO should be focused on in 2024.

The Future of Finance

From AI to compliance, and the need to be value creators for the rest of the business, in this video we speak to finance leaders to understand what the future holds and what the CFO should be focused on in 2024.

The Future of IT

We speak to business leaders and experts with their fingers on the pulse of IT, to try and understand what the future holds and what CIOs should be focused on in 2024.

Industries Video Gallery

The Future of Financial Services

The Future of Professional and Business Services

The Future of Technology and Media

The Future of Retail

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Workday Rising EMEA highlights

Check out the highlights from Barcelona.

Thank you for making this year our best yet

Join us for the next Workday Rising EMEA. We hope you will join us in London, UK from 12–14 November 2024.

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