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Tuesday 15–Thursday 17 November
Mässvägen 1, 125 30 Älvsjö, Sweden

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Find out what’s happening each day at Workday Rising Europe

Monday 14 November

16:00–18:00 | Registration open

You must present photo ID to pick up your conference badge, which is your passport into all Workday Rising Europe activities, including the Customer Appreciation Party. For security reasons, access will not be granted to any area of the conference without an appropriate badge.

Tuesday 15 November

07:30–20:00 | Registration open

12:00–16:00  | Customer Reference Conversations (prospective customers only)

13:00–16:30  | Braindate

16:00–16:45  | Where Do Customers Realise Value with Workday? (prospective customers only)

13:00–16:45  | Ask-an-Expert

17:00–18:00  | Welcome Keynote

18:00–19:45 | Welcome Reception in the Workday Experience and Expo

18:30–19:30 | Braindate

Wednesday 16 November

08:00–18:30  | Registration open

08:15–09:00  | Breakfast

09:00–10:15  | Workday Innovation Keynote

10:15–10:45   | Coffee break and Workday Experience and Expo

10:15–17:30   | Workday Experience and Expo open

10:30–16:45  | Ask-an-Expert

10:30–17:00  | Braindate

10:45–11:30   | Industry Keynotes

11:45–12:30   | Role-Based Vision Keynotes

11:45–12:30   | Breakout Sessions, Lightning Sessions, Hands-On Labs

12:30–14:00  | Lunch

14:00–15:45  | Product Strategy and Vision Keynotes

14:00–18:00  | Breakout Sessions, Lightning Sessions, Hands-On Labs

19:00 | Sponsor events

Thursday 17 November

08:00–18:30  | Registration open

08:30–09:00  | Breakfast

08:30–16:00  | Workday Experience and Expo open

09:00–16:00  | Ask-an-Expert

09:00–16:00  | Braindate

09:00–11:45  | Breakout Sessions, Lightning Sessions, Hands-On Labs

10:30–11:15   | Coffee break and Workday Experience and Expo

11:45–13:15    | Lunch

13:15–16:00   | Breakout Sessions, Lightning Sessions, Hands-On Labs

14:45–15:30  | Coffee break and Workday Experience and Expo

16:15–17:15    | Customer Changemaker Keynote

19:30–23:00  | Customer Appreciation Party

Welcome to Stockholmsmässan


We have negotiated exceptional rates at our official conference hotels. You can book your reservation with the discounted rates when you register.



You’ll be responsible for transportation from the airport to your hotel. Workday provides a complimentary Metro card for all delegates who book a hotel via the registration system so you can travel between the official conference hotels and the venue in an environmentally-friendly manner – and free of charge. You can collect the Metro card at the event when you collect your badge.

Health and safety are our top priority

We’re continuously monitoring the state of COVID-19 (including guidelines from the WHO and local authorities). Health and safety protocols at Workday Rising Europe will reflect the state of the pandemic at the time and be shared with attendees prior to the event.

Did you know? Approximately 75% of the exhibit structures in the Workday Hub are derived from sustainable materials and production methods.

Sustainability is core to what we do

As a company, we care about leaving the world a better place. That’s why we’re committed to making Workday Rising Europe as sustainable as possible when it comes to carbon impact, supply chain and waste reduction. As in previous years, we’ll offset 100% of the emissions from travel to and from Workday Rising Europe for all attendees by purchasing high-quality carbon credits that support sustainable development projects. Look for fun facts posted around the event to learn more about our efforts.

Join us at Workday Rising Europe